Let's have a coffee break!

This web application is a fine piece of work. I spend a lot of time creating this site with an important goal to provide a nice and easy way to exchange electronic components between amateur electronics enthusiasts. Please send me a coffee if you like my work. Thank you very much!

Send a small cup of coffee for 5 €,

because the site is very good and can easily manage my components with it.
Send a large cup of coffee for 15 €,

because the site is brilliant, I finally have my components searchable and structured according to their properties.
Send a huge cup of coffee for 50 €,

because the site is great, not only that my components now have a fixed place and I can find them again, but I can also easily exchange them with my friends and acquaintances.
Send an annual ration of coffee for 500 €,

because the site is great, among other things it is possible to search components by description. Warehouse management is also possible. My customers can place large orders via the shopping cart.
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